What are the symptoms of kidney disease

What are the symptoms of kidney disease

Kidneys are one of the most important organs of the body. They have vital roles and important functions in the body. The kidneys perform a range of functions that have a great effect on the entire body. Therefore, if there is any imbalance in the kidney function, this leads to imbalance in the body. The occurrence of a range of chronic diseases that negatively affect the life of the individual and prevent him from doing his daily work normally, in addition to the decline in the level of work and functions performed by the individual.

On the other hand is the importance of the kidneys because of its main functions, and the functions of the kidney mainly to rid the body of the waste and various toxins that are formed so if the kidneys lost their ability to rid the body of these wastes will cause a major problem in the body, and there are many diseases that The kidneys will be listed in some of this article in addition to the range of symptoms that may accompany these diseases and how we can know these symptoms and identify.

The most common diseases that can affect the kidneys and affect the functions of what is known as chronic renal disease, and known as the disease that start to lose the functions of the kidneys over an extended period of time, it is worth mentioning that the chronic disease does not determine the symptoms related to it, Of the general symptoms that may indicate the incidence of this disease and these symptoms:

  • An ongoing state of loss of appetite and unwillingness to eat.
  • Persistent feeling of tiredness, fatigue, and inability to exercise various activities.

Because of this inclusiveness in the symptoms of the disease, doctors perform ongoing tests and tests for people most at risk of the disease, where the rate of infection in people suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and also increase cases of chronic kidney disease in the case of relatives, on the other hand It is possible that doctors know that the patient has chronic kidney disease through the occurrence of a range of complications that may be associated with anemia or inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart, and may be related to cardiovascular disease is one of the most common symptoms of kidney disease Chronic diseases

Thus, we note that the symptoms associated with kidney disease are not specific in particular, and are more general rather than specific to one disease, which makes prediction one of the solutions that lead us to resort to accurate medical analysis.