How to get rid of the headache

How to get rid of the headache


Headache or headache is a common problem among many people. Many believe it is a disease in itself, but the truth is not. Headache is either symptomatic of an illness or may be infected by a specific health problem inside. And external factors play a role in a person’s headache, such as traveling and traveling from place to place, exhaustion, physical stress, frequent thinking, noise, noise, etc. Many factors lead to headaches.

Headache is one of the most troublesome problems for the human being. It hinders him from performing his daily tasks and duties to the fullest extent and thus reduces his productivity. Therefore, we will present some effective ways to get rid of headaches.

Ways to get rid of a headache

There are many ways to rid a person of headaches, as follows:

  • Sometimes a person may get headaches due to dehydration and lack of sufficient water in his body, and here all you can do to get rid of headaches is to drink large amounts of water.
  • If the headache is caused by sinus infection or stress, it can be treated with a snow bag on the front or replaced with a bag of frozen vegetables. It helps to reduce blood vessels and improve blood circulation and thus reduce the feeling of headache.
  • Go to quiet places, practice relaxation methods; such as prayer, deep breathing, yoga, visualization, and listening to quiet music.
  • Use hot water bags by placing them on the lower part of the neck, or you can make a shower of hot water, and you can put your hands in a basin filled with hot water for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Drink the warm water mixed with a little lemon, or you can make a paste of lemon peel and put it on the front, and drink tea mixed with lemon three or four times a day.
  • If the cause of the headache is lack of sleep, it can be treated with anise, either by eating capsules, or drinking anise tea or can be eaten in sandwiches.
  • Massage neck area with essential oils, lavender oil and chamomile oil.
  • Eat ginger.
  • It is possible to eat a piece of apples early in the event of a headache, or apple cider vinegar can be used, so that three or four tablespoons of it is placed into a hot water container and made of ammunition.
  • Eat almonds.
  • Use chili.
  • Use mint, either by drinking a tea, or by adding it to regular tea or herbal teas, or using its oil to massage the neck.
  • Massage the front with a little camphor oil.
  • Make a paste of cinnamon powder and water, applied to the forehead with lying down for half an hour.
  • Take sedatives.
  • Do not think too much, and get rid of all the stress that led to headaches.
  • Do not drink stimulants heavily, and try to multiply soothing drinks.
  • Always exercise.
  • Stay away from eating heavy and fatty meals.
  • Take enough rest.
  • Massage the back muscles of the head.