Fenugreek oil for fattening the face

Fenugreek oil for fattening the face

Beauty of the face

Many people prefer to have a face with a slight fullness, especially female. Some may perform cosmetic surgery and facial injections to get the desired result in a short period, but the majority are looking for natural facial fattening mixtures to solve their problem in addition to practicing some exercises of facial fattening.

There is no doubt that the results of the application of natural mixtures and exercise for facial fattening does not guarantee inevitable results, but the application, if not to the desired purpose is harmless, and may give the face freshness and vitality.

Exercises for facial fattening

There is some exercise recommended for the practice of fattening the face, and from these exercises breathing exercise, which depends on breathing large amount of air until the swelling of the cheeks, and can keep the mouth swollen by air and extend and reduce the cheeks, and transfer air inside the mouth from one side to another while keeping him locked inside ( Inhalation) for 15 seconds, then eject it again (exhalation), and repeat this process five times in a row.

Natural products that nourish the face of shea, apple, aloe vera, honey, rose water, milk, and the fenugreek that have proven effective in fattening the face.

Fenugreek oil for fattening the face

The oil of the fenugreek has many aesthetic benefits because it contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that purify the body of toxins and impurities, fights infections, protects the health of the liver and other organs and supports its functions. The skin is one of the most important parts of the body that reflects the efficiency of the action of antioxidants and their effects in the body. Antioxidants protect them from damage, enhance their health, freshness and youth.

In addition to the effectiveness of fenugreek oil in maintaining the health and vitality of the skin, it gives the skin, especially the face full aesthetic required because it contains vitamin C, which contributes and stimulates the production of collagen, which in turn tightens the skin.

The fenugreek oil also contains deoxygen, a compound similar to the hormone estrogen mentioned above, which in turn gives the fullness and freshness of the skin, and contains protein, which is the basic building blocks of muscle, including the muscles of the face.

One of the ingredients that can be applied to the face for fattening is the mixture of fenugreek powder with water, by mixing the powder of the fenugreek with a small amount of water to form a cohesive paste texture, and then applied to the clean face and massage work, was left on the face for 10 minutes before washing with water, and you can massage the skin using fenugreek oil once to twice a day to get the desired results.

General benefits of fenugreek oil

The plant contains high concentrations of antioxidant compounds, and many active compounds found in all parts of the plant, and contains vitamin C and B, and the element of potassium, and the composition and work of the hormone estrogen, in addition to the fiber. Because of the smell of the distinctive fenugreek to contain the compound chemical Sotolon, and because of the content of the vehicles active previous and many other elements, minerals, vitamins and materials, it has many medical and therapeutic and cosmetic applications as treatment of skin diseases and respiratory
The fenugreek has many benefits, including the following:

  • Protects your body from chronic infections and relieves the symptoms of arthritis resulting from it.
  • Helps to produce milk in nursing mothers by drinking boiled fenugreek as well as fenugreek oil.
  • Reduces the psychological and physical symptoms associated with menopause, and helps relieve menstrual symptoms such as pain, and convulsions associated with it.
  • Helps to treat digestive problems such as constipation because of its good content of dietary fiber.
  • Reduces LDL cholesterol, increases HDL (good cholesterol) levels, and reduces triglycerides in the blood.
  • Supports and enhances sexual ability.
  • Regulates the work of insulin in the body, and reduces blood sugar.
  • Stimulates hair growth and strengthens it.
  • It treats many skin problems such as eczema, boils and burns.
  • It fights wrinkles and signs of aging.

Precautions of oil consumption of the fenugreek

The fenugreek is a safe food for people, but there are some caveats to be taken into account when consumed, including the following:

  • The intake of high doses of the fenugreek plant may cause stomach pain and painful gas in the intestines.
  • Pregnant women should avoid taking the fenugreek in their forms (seeds, leaves, and oil) to avoid an abortion because of its uterine-stimulating properties in some women.
  • The fenugreek can interact with diabetics and insulin drugs, so consult with your doctor before starting to include the ring within the diet for diabetics.

Multiple recipes for facial fattening

There are many recipes used to fatten the face, including:

  • Shea butter and sugar: Mix 250 milligrams of melted shea butter with 185 milligrams of sugar to get a homogeneous mixture, then cool in the fridge, then clean the face with circular movements, and leave for five minutes before washing with hot water.
  • Apple: You can eat apples in its natural form, or make apple juice, carrots and lemon and drink it daily, or by massaging the face with apples and leave him about an hour before washing it with warm water.
  • Aloe Vera: The face is treated with aloe vera with circular movements, leaves between 1:30 and 1:30. Juice can be drunk every morning for satisfactory results.
  • Rose water and glycerin: by preparing a combination of them and applied to the face before bedtime.
  • Honey: through its application on the face and consumption by mouth, and inclusion in natural facial fattening mixtures.
  • Milk: You can drink it and massage your skin with cold milk daily.