What are the symptoms of pregnancy onset

What are the symptoms of pregnancy onset


Pregnancy occurs as a result of the meeting of the male sperm with the egg inside the woman’s uterus. This is called vaccination. After several days of fertilization, the egg meets the sperm where the fertilization takes place, and as a result of this fertilization the woman experiences many symptoms that will give her pregnancy stability, The process of fertilization is successful, and women are often very anxious to wait for the time they know about pregnancy to satisfy their motherhood instinct. The man is also waiting to hear such a joyous news to strengthen his offspring and increase his offspring and to bear the name of his father and family. Symptoms of pregnancy begins from the moment of fertilization.

Symptoms of pregnancy onset

  • At the junction of the sperm with the egg, Ms. Benazol feels points of blood that are not continuous and will be for two days and this is the result of the implantation process.
  • Five days after fertilization, the woman’s temperature rises as a result of sudden changes in the body, which last for hours and disappear without leaving any trace.
  • Feeling tired due to high temperature, and here prefer to put compresses of warm water on the area of ​​the head and limbs.
  • Feeling chest pain is a simple weight that increases as pregnancy increases.
  • The change in the mood of the pregnant woman is clearly due to the disorder of hormones in the body.
  • Desire to eat because of conflicting processes that occur in the body.
  • The appearance of some white pills, which appear around the nipple in the black area and increase the greater the duration of pregnancy.
  • Increase the brown color around the nipple so that it becomes darker.
  • Feeling tired, tired, and inclined to sleep for long periods.
  • Many urination as a result of the secretion of the body pregnancy hormone, where the number of urination times ten times a day.
  • Change in the sense of taste as it becomes more sensitive and powerful while tasting the taste.
  • The change in the sense of smell, so that the pregnant woman smells smells significantly and remotely.
  • Nausea and vomiting on a daily basis.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen with a small swelling.
  • Hate some foods that were within your favorite dishes.
  • Eat foods significantly and increase the body’s need.
  • Hair loss sometimes.
  • Absence of the menstrual cycle from the date of not less than a week for ten days.

In this way pregnancy is confirmed, provided that pregnancy is normal and there are no previous health problems in women, and that the menstrual cycle is regular, and through the home inspection is a simple device is placed drops of urine in the early morning on the area for examination and show the positive result Or negativity, you can make sure that the pregnancy process is successful. The pregnancy test will then be confirmed more accurately by the laboratory test, which takes a sample of blood. It is examined and the result is shown within 20 minutes in the laboratory. Specialist who Trust him to follow the developments of pregnancy and calculate the time and date of birth.