What are the things that affect pregnancy

What are the things that affect pregnancy

an introduction

Marriage is the sacred link between male and female, which aims at forming a family and having children. The couple is happier to hear the news of the arrival of a new member of the family. Preparations for the new baby begin, but despite the happiness that the mother is in her pregnancy, During this period of fatigue and pain, as the pregnancy is one of the most sensitive periods experienced by the mother, which requires attention and attention continuously, so that it must be concerned with health and nutrition because it reflects on the health of the fetus, the better mother’s health was better fetal health, There are also some Dat misdiagnosed by the mother and many of the effects that would harm the health of the mother and her fetus, so the mother must avoid them always, in this article we will highlight the most important things that affect pregnancy.

Things Affecting Pregnancy

The most important factors affecting pregnancy are:

  • The psychological state of the mother, such as pressure, anxiety and tension, all affect negatively on the development of the fetus, so that he has a lack of organic, such as suffering from deformity in the form of ears, or large space between the first and second toes with the bending of the fifth finger, In the uterus.
  • Malnutrition: It is one of the most serious factors, because of the great impact on fetal health and growth, especially brain development, and leads to some of the distortions, so the mother must eat a healthy and balanced diet to protect her from the incidence of deformities and to remain healthy in good condition.
  • Age of pregnant mother: The age of a woman suitable for pregnancy is 18 to 38 years old. If she is less than that, she often gives birth to a child who is underweight, and often the child dies in his first year. The probability of having a child with Down syndrome is high.
  • Drink plenty of caffeine-containing beverages, such as tea and coffee, because caffeine can break through the choroid barrier and reach the fetus and damage it.
  • Smoking: Harm to the health of the mother and fetus because it contains harmful substances and harmful to the body.
  • Some types of drugs and drugs often lead to fetal deformities and lead to miscarriage.
  • Excessive weight gain during pregnancy: This leads to fluid retention in the body and causes difficulties during childbirth.
  • Mother’s health and physical condition: She must protect herself against infection from various diseases because she will be transferred to the fetus and must protect herself against anemia and other diseases and problems.
  • Pregnancy diabetes.
  • Exposure to radiation in large quantities leads to a small size of the head of the fetus and mental retardation, and also leads to abortion.