How to Increase Length

How to Increase Length


The height of the signs of beauty in women and men, which is very important in the eyes of both sexes, and the short stature of the things that cause embarrassment for those who are characterized by, especially if the person reached the degree of stunting, as there are many sports that need to tall Basketball, and football, so the question of how to increase height is one of the problems faced by many individuals.

The height and shortness of the body is controlled by many factors, including genetic factors that no one can control, and the level of growth hormone in the body. So there are some ways that help increase height, including hormones, exercise, and surgeries. We will address these in detail.

Factors affecting growth and height

As mentioned earlier, there are many factors affecting length, including:

  • Genetic factor: It is the most important factor affecting the height of the height, which determines the maximum maximum length can be reached by the child, especially if both parents or one short.
  • Hormone factor: where sometimes shown in some people decline in the proportion of growth hormone responsible for height and build the body and muscles.
  • Healthy Food Factor: There are many important nutrients for height and body building such as: calcium, phosphate, vitamin D, and protein. The reduction of such important elements will inevitably lead to imbalance in the child’s growth and length.

How to Increase Length


The pituitary gland is the gland responsible for the secretion of growth hormone in the body and the balance of hormones in general.
The growth rate of the growth hormone is due to many reasons including: a severe brain injury leading to the occurrence of infection on the gland itself, or lack of secretion of the hormone since the birth of the child, or the incidence of some health problems.

There are many symptoms that indicate a decrease in growth hormone, including:

  • Palace of stature.
  • The facial features of the child look younger than his age.
  • Delayed arrival of the child to adulthood and sometimes never puberty.

When you notice such symptoms, the child should be taken to a specialist doctor for laboratory tests and clinical examination to ascertain the cause. If a decrease in the hormone is found, the doctor will take out the appropriate treatment, a group of growth hormone needles. Hormone takes a long time sometimes extends to many years, as there are many side effects of the hormone growth hormone, including headaches, pain in the muscles and joints, and the retention of fluid in the body. One of the disadvantages of treatment is that it does not benefit all children, especially if taken at a later age. It should also be taken into account that the growth hormone deficiency may be accompanied by a decrease in the level of other hormones, such as a defect in the level of thyroid hormones, male hormones, or female hormones.


It is important to note that the length of the man stops growing beyond the age of 18-20 years; because the growth plate, the region of the cartilage at the end of the long bone allows to increase the length of bones as long as it is open. When closed, the growth and length of the bone is stopped and is often closed at the age of 16 years. In males, it often closes at 14 to 19 years of age. , So we will mention many exercises that help to increase growth and thus increase the height in the stage of early growth (pre-adulthood), including:

  • Swimming: An hour of swimming per day helps bone growth. Gravitational pressure on bones and joints under the water is slightly reduced and bone grows more freely, as documented studies have shown that swimming has a significant impact on stimulating growth.
  • Dropping the vertical body: This process helps to tighten the spine and lengthened, because the spine is a length of the human proportion of 39%, and requires to demonstrate that the human being able to bear the weight of his body because if he can not afford the body weight; The muscles of the hands that stabilize the body with the vertical body. In the practice of hanging, a standing rod is required to be held at a height of at least one meter in height. The following is done by hanging on to the iron bar by holding it in both hands while keeping it at a level beyond the shoulders, while keeping the arms and upper trunk For the body, bend the knees up to form an angle of the list, then stay in this position for a maximum of ten seconds. And repeat the movement ten times sequentially, taking care to increase the number with the progress of the exercise.
  • Stretch the body (called Cat Stretch) by facing the wall with both hands on the wall so that the arms are fully elongated in a straight line towards the wall, while bending the leg towards the wall. Keep the exercise repeating as much as switching between the legs.
  • With sports, sleep must be sufficient hours at night; healthy sleep at night helps regulate the body’s vital processes and drinks the necessary amount of water, determined by body weight.


One operation was known to increase the length of the length of the body. The name of the device is Elzarov, which is the name of the device that is installed in the bone, and increases the length approximately 1 mm per day.

Other factors

Eating a balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, meats, and cheeses that contain the essential elements needed to build the body helps greatly increase height. The cessation of smoking and high self-confidence and visit the doctor to obtain medical advice and advice is one of the most important reasons in the growth of the body, where insomnia and stress play an important role in the imbalance in the level of all hormones of the body.