Benefits fenugreek for bones and muscles

Benefits fenugreek for bones and muscles


Is a herbaceous plant with a length of about 40 centimeters, with hollow stem stalks, yellow flowers and long, serrated leaves. In each branch there are usually three leaves, which produce centimeter-shaped horns. Each horn contains a number of yellow grains Greenish-like in its shape as a macro.

Benefits of the fenugreek

The seeds of the fenugreek has many important benefits, and it has been said in its benefits (if people know of the benefits of buying it with their weight gold), and the benefits of the fenugreek we mention:

  • The stomach and duodenal ulcers are treated by mixing a teaspoon of ground fries with a tablespoon of honey and consumed every eight hours. Worm-worms are treated if the ringworm is eaten every morning before food, and the fenugreek opens the appetite if the fenugreek is eaten before any meal .
  • The fenugreek will treat coughs, colds, chest pain and asthma; if you eat boiled the ring spoon with a glass of water every day once.
  • Treatment of difficult diseases such as diabetes: If you eat the powder ring three times a day before each meal, and treat cholesterol, because the ring absorbs excess fat.
  • The fenugreek is very useful for women and girls, Vtaml the ring to stimulate menstruation in girls have recently given puberty if you eat two tablespoons of fenugreek powder daily while avoiding this recipe during pregnancy, and works the fenugreek oil to increase breast milk. If drinking at a rate of twenty points from oil ring three times a day increased generation milk, as the fenugreek to relieve the pain of the uterus works; where boil five spoons of powder fenugreek with three liters of water for ten minutes and after sitting inside to cool slightly.
  • For skin and beauty, the fenugreek burns if the powder is mixed with rose oil to form fat to be applied to the affected area for once a day. The skin is boiled in the fenugreek . It treats the skin cracks and helps to obtain a shiny complexion. It also eliminates dummies if the dough is placed in the ring powder and some water Warm, and the fenugreek prevents hair loss, and maintain its health, and remove lice and insects found in it by washing the hair boiled spatula and a glass of water.

fenugreek for bones and muscles

The fenugreek is very useful for bones and muscles so that the rfenugreek was used with crushed sesame oil, garlic paste, and the ingredients are combined to make fat from the affected area, which will remove muscle pain and rheumatism and bone pain.

Note: We note that it is necessary to be careful and not to take too much of the fenugreek because of its disadvantages, and also prevents the treatment strictly for pregnant women and children under the age of two and people with anemia.