Benefits of frankincense tree

Benefits of frankincense tree

Frankincense tree

The frankincense tree is one of the old trees known for its usefulness, since it is considered a great natural value because of its therapeutic properties. It is also a natural material that can be used for its medicinal properties through chewing. It is an ideal substitute for many industrial products of chewing gum, high in sugars materials. The frankincense tree has economic importance because it is used in medicinal and therapeutic purposes. It is also used in some people as kohl, but its use as chewing gum is well known as healthy chewing gum. It is also considered an effective solution for smokers. It helps them to quit smoking, where chewing contributes continuously to get used to them instead of smoke.

Benefits of frankincense tree

There are many benefits of frankincense on the body.

  • Eliminates impaired kidney function and reduces the risk of pebble.
  • Reduce feelings of wasting.
  • It strengthens the heart muscle, reducing the risk of various heart diseases.
  • Strengthens memory and promotes activity.
  • Reduces fatigue and lethargy as well as reduces forgetfulness.
  • Helps to treat burns if mixed with honey.
  • Eliminates sputum and works on the chest filter.
  • Reduce stomach pain, strengthen and increase its efficiency, and reduce the risk of ulcers due to its ability to reduce acidity.
  • Improves digestion of food and works to flush out gasses.
  • Used as an analgesic for rheumatism, headaches, and burns in the form of fat applied to areas of pain.
  • It is an analgesic for eczema and arthritis, and it delays aging because of its ability to remove wrinkles.

Types of frankincense

It is worth mentioning that there are many types of frankincense and all have a great benefit, but there are some species that are characterized by bitter taste, including what is less and these types:

  • Frankincense.
  • Ecological frankincense.
  • The frankincense.
There are also some species that are classified according to the place of agriculture and growth, such as frankincense or cactuses.

Uses of frankincense

  • Contribute to reduce the weakness of memory by taking it daily on the stomach.
  • If mixed with guava paper it becomes very useful to treat asthma problems and chest problems, especially the weakness of breathing.
  • It is used with gum to reduce acidity, as well as reduce colon and ulcer disease.
It is widely used for pregnant women to reduce acidity that increases significantly during pregnancy, and is used as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease because it contains vitamins B6 and B12.