What are the ways of transmission of AIDS?

What are the ways of transmission of AIDS?

Perhaps hearing the word “AIDS” alone suggests a dangerous disease that may be almost impossible to heal, and even most people talk about it, but we will not stop at that only, it is necessary to identify and deepen the subject to take caution and we must also To know the meaning of the most precise and more detailed and must know the reasons and means of transmission and spread, symptoms and methods of prevention.

It may also be called acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV), a chronic disease caused by a virus that affects the human immune system, which regulates the effectiveness of the immune system in an infected person, making it susceptible to infection and infection with any disease or virus. Genetic research has shown that this disease first appeared in the late 19th century or early 20th century in Central Africa. It should be recalled that the disease is contagious and will be discussed later.

Methods of infection

“The main causes and means of transmission and spread of AIDS” “:
All diseases affecting humans, animals and plants have causes and causes, as well as the disease, “AIDS” has reasons that many fall into the trap without knowledge and generosity and may lead to the lives of many. Therefore, this research requires me to reach the causes of this disease, and the causes of infection with this virus include:

  • Direct contact between the infected person and the healthy person through mucous membranes or physical fluids.
  • A blood transfusion between the infected person and the healthy person.
  • Sexual intercourse between the person infected with the virus and the healthy person “semen of the vaginal fluid of the female / vaginal fluid”.
  • It also moves from the pregnant mother to her son during pregnancy, childbirth and lactation.
  • Use injection needles contaminated with this virus.
  • Reuse personal tools for someone with HIV, such as “shaving blade, toothbrush, clothes, etc.”
  • The spread of the disease through the respiratory tract.

Symptoms of injury

And because the “AIDS” falls under the name of a disease must be full of symptoms and indications of the presence of the infected person, but is characterized by the speed of development because the immunity of the person infected with this virus is very weak and about to fade, and these symptoms include:

  • The risk of cancer is increased, mainly lymphoma.
  • Symptoms of physical exhaustion and the appearance of fever of all types / headache / fibrillation.
  • Increase the rate of sweating, especially in the night hours in addition to fast fed by weight.
  • The incidence of the disease is serious and the disease may have developed here in the final stage, “acute pneumonia / gastroenteritis / genital infection and diarrhea due to the inability of the stomach to absorb food / inflammation of the eye / inflammation of brain cells and nerve cells.”

Methods of prevention

I think that one of the most important ways to prevent AIDS is to use the awareness principle, such as health awareness in terms of cleanliness and hand washing frequently, when touching contaminated surfaces, and not to use the personal tools of anyone, even if close, not to buy foods and beverages exposed Unknown source. Social awareness, giving courses and holding awareness seminars, indicating the seriousness of this disease, how to detect it and carrying out the universal periodic examination. Sexual awareness through explaining the spread of AIDS through unsafe sexual intercourse and their religious awareness and the cultivation of religious awareness on a larger scale, which is the scope of youth, because they are the backbone of the future and the builders of the nation and the foundations of development and progress of any country.

This is what ended my research, which I ask God to be a simplified useful to each reader and God away from us and the evil of this epidemic and the recovery of all.