What is the main cause of AIDS?

What is the main cause of AIDS?

HIV / AIDS is one of the most important modern diseases of modern times. HIV prevalence is very high and high among people, which causes and is very dangerous to their lives; it is a disease of the human immune system mainly because of what is known as HIV Known as HIV. Once the virus enters the human body, it spreads through it, causing death to the person who eventually gets it.

Causes of AIDS transmission

The main cause of the transmission of AIDS from the infected person to the healthy person is sexual intercourse of all kinds. The AIDS virus is transmitted through body fluids, such as sexual fluids that are excreted from the male and female genitals during the sexual process, in addition to being transmitted through the blood. AIDS is also an operation to transfer blood from the infected person to the right person, or to use sharps such as shaving tools that may be contaminated with blood. Finally, the HIV virus moves from the mother carrying the disease to her son through breastfeeding. It is present in the mother’s milk and to a very large extent.

According to statistics conducted by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS), the number of people infected with HIV and PLWH worldwide is estimated at 35 million by the end of 2013. This year, A new case of AIDS, and nearly 1.5 million deaths from the disease.

Reducing HIV / AIDS

The reduction and reduction of the transmission of HIV from the infected person to the healthy person through sexual intercourse between them through the use of the infected human male condom or female condom in the right manner, which will greatly reduce the spread of the disease and transmission, and the use of condoms be every time the person intends And to limit the transmission of AIDS by minimizing as much as possible suspicious sexual practices, and this relationship should be limited to the life partner only, in order to prevent this scourge, and finally, It does not use any tool from an infected person with the disease tools to prevent transmission of the virus through the blood, and finally, the mother infected with the disease should not breastfeed her son properly even protect him from this danger.