How to get rid of pores of the nose

How to get rid of pores of the nose

Pore ​​of the nose

Pores are an essential part of the skin, such as sebaceous glands, hair follicles, and sweat glands. They play a key role in skin care. They have a role in moisturizing the skin and eliminating sweat. However, these pores usually expand in the nasal area for many reasons. This is especially embarrassing for girls, where the appearance of skin becomes bad, and in this article we will talk about ways to get rid of the widening of these pores.

How to get rid of nasal pores

Medical methods to get rid of pores of the nose

  • Chemical peeling: Using beta hydroxy acids such as salicylic acid, which permeates the fatty channels of the skin, and removes the keratin within it, which will reduce the widening of these pores.
  • Retinoids: Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives, and are the best treatment for reducing pores because of their ability to penetrate deep into the skin as well as peeling skin.
  • Laser: The laser stimulates the reproduction of collagen, and it is also used to reduce face drilling and scars.

Natural recipes for getting rid of pores of the nose

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an effective treatment for getting rid of large pores, making them smaller and can be used as a toner to eliminate the impurities and dirt that are difficult to remove by water alone, as well as its ability to balance the pH of the skin, and its way:

Equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water.

Method of preparation and use
Mix the ingredients well, then submerge a piece of cotton with the mixture, and wipe the nose by focusing on the area of ​​large pores, and leave for several minutes, then wash with water and dry well, and repeat it daily for best results.

Baking soda

Bread soda is a powerful treatment for large pores, thanks to its antibacterial properties and its effect in skin peeling, as it tightens the pores of the skin, and its way:

Tablespoon baking soda, water.

Method of preparation and use
Mix ingredients well to get a soft paste, then put the mixture on the nose, leave until it completely dry, then wash the nose with water.

Mud mask

It is worth mentioning that the mud mask is a good option to reduce these pores, where the excess oil is absorbed in the pores of the nose, which will reduce the size of the nose, .

Proper amount of clay mask.

Method of preparation and use
It is recommended to clean the face and wash with soap and water and dry well, then put a thin layer of mud mask, and leave for 10 minutes, and then wash the area with water and dried.

Tomato juice and honey

This recipe is prepared as follows:

Two tablespoons of canned tomato juice, five drops of warm honey.

Method of preparation and use
It is recommended to clean the face and wash well with warm water and soap and dry, then mix the ingredients well, then put the mixture on the nose, and other affected areas, and leave for 15 minutes, then wash the area with warm water and dry well.

Green tea

Green tea reduces the size of pores, as it has holding properties that help.

A bag of green tea.

Method of preparation and use
The tea is brewed in a jug, left to cool down a little, then placed on the face and nose, and then repeated twice to a week to get rid of the large pores.

Mix sandalwood, turmeric and almond oil

Sandalwood powder activates the skin, in addition to it prevents pores widening.

A tablespoon of sandalwood, a tablespoon of turmeric powder, a few drops of almond oil.

Method of preparation and use:
Mix the ingredients well until you get a paste, then put the paste on the face and nose in a nice way, then leave for twenty minutes, and then rinse with cold water, and dry well.

Causes of widening pores of the nose

The most prominent reasons for the widening of the pores of the nose, and the emergence of large size, are:

  • Hormonal changes in the female, especially during the menstrual period; it is possible to widen the pores of the nose then.
  • Genetic causes, where pores appear large in size if one or both parents have large pores on the nose.
  • Aging, where the skin loses its elasticity with age, leading to pore enlargement.
  • Excess oils in the skin, which are suffered by the owners of oily skin significantly; these pores can be blocked if the oils mixed with dirt or other particles.
  • Frequent exposure to the sun, which will reduce the proportion of collagen in the skin making it less flexible.
  • Frequent facial sweating, making pores appear wider and larger.
  • Do not clean the face and wash well, in addition to leaving make-up on the face and sleeping by it, causing the widening of the nose pores.
  • Make-up that makes pores appear more obvious rather than hide them, as well as make-up is attractive to the oils and dirt that cause the widening of pores.

Tips and guidelines to avoid pore widening

Here are some tips to avoid the widening of nose and face pores and reduce them:

  • Take care to remove sebum and excess oils from the nose daily by using a paper napkin to absorb it.
  • Peeling skin constantly to get rid of dead skin cells, with the need not to overdo it.
  • Do not touch the nose unless the hands are clean, otherwise bacteria and dirt will accumulate.
  • Steaming face once or twice a week.
  • Need to remove makeup before going to sleep so as not to accumulate oils and clog pores and form acne.
  • Spray the face with cold water, as cold water reduces pores.
  • Eat healthy foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, which are good ingredients to prevent pores and fine lines.
  • The need to put the sunscreen so that the degree of protection of 25 or more before leaving the house, as the frequent exposure to sunlight damage the collagen of the skin, increasing the chance of widening pores.
  • Careful to choose suitable products and products for skin type.