Easy and fast way to gain weight

Easy and fast way to gain weight


Weight problems do not end As there are people who are overweight, there are also people who suffer from extreme weight and thinness, which affect the appearance of the person and make him feel embarrassed and dissatisfied with the shape, is said to be skinny and must increase weight when the weight is less than weight (Kg) on ​​the square of length (m), and compare the result with the number 18.5; if the result is less than it means that the body is thin, and multiple causes of thinness, but the most prominent is malnutrition, and others Of habits that must be discarded, will be improvised S to the most prominent and fastest ways to gain weight.

Causes of thinness

These are the main causes of extreme thinness:

  • Bad diet low vitamins.
  • Lack of appetite for food for no specific reason.
  • Exposure to psychological problems adversely affect appetite.
  • Hyperthyroidism.
  • The incidence of disorders or health problems affect the weakness of appetite, such as:
    • Anemia.
    • Bowel disorders.
    • Diabetes.
    • cancer.
    • Gastrointestinal problems.
    • Nervous neurosis.
    • Nerve sting.
    • Colitis.
    • Severe diarrhea.
  • Frequent smoking and addiction.
  • Addiction to drinking alcohol.
  • Follow the wrong eating habits since childhood.
  • Being infected makes a person feel hungry.

Important tips for weight gain in a quick way

  • Eat foods rich in calories such as beans, cereals, meat, bread, rice, dried fruits and nuts.
  • Introduce some vegetables to a diet such as French beans, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, carrots, lettuce, spinach, asparagus, pumpkin or eggplant.
  • Introduce healthy parts of red meat into the diet, taking care not to over-eat them so as not to raise cholesterol.
  • Add generous amounts of olive oil to the authorities.
  • Eat dairy products in addition to whole milk.
  • Increase the number of meals by six meals per day; three main meals and three snacks.
  • Be sure to have breakfast, food and dinner heavy, especially dinner, because the process of metabolism during sleep is not active, which ensures weight gain quickly.
  • Many proteins are used to build muscle, and proteins are found in eggs, lean meat, fish, skinned chicken, legumes, cabbage, dairy products, as well as fish such as melon and mackerel.
  • Eat plenty of healthy fats for muscle growth and production of testosterone hormones, as well as raise the metabolic rate, which contributes to the elimination of bad fats and maintain the good ones, and can be obtained in the nuts and vegetables, paper and salmon, flaxseed oil and avocado oil.
  • Be careful not to drink water before eating meals, water fills the stomach and enhances the feeling of satiety.
  • Take care to use large food dishes when eating.
  • Add creamy coffee to gain more calories.
  • Eat some dietary supplements that help build muscle and gain more kilo grams.
  • Careful sleep adequate and proper.
  • Stay away from smoking, and smoking will often lead to increased weight.
  • Be careful to exercise at least twice a week, especially those that increase muscle mass, such as weight lifting or grinding exercises or rush exercises or squat exercises.
  • Before and after exercise, to ensure the gain of carbohydrates that make the body bear the sport, and build muscle after exercise, before the sport by an hour, it is recommended to eat a snack, but after the sport is recommended to eat foods such as peanut butter sandwiches or yogurt with fruit or milk Chocolate with nuts or juice with milk, milk or protein.
  • You should wait three to four hours before exercising if you have a large meal.

Home recipes to gain weight quickly

These are the most quick and easy recipes for weight gain:

Mix the ring, thyme and raisins

This recipe is prepared as follows:

Ingredients : Fenugreek, thyme, honey, pistachios, raisins.

Method of preparation and use : Mix the ring, thyme, raisins and pistachios with each other in the electric mixer, then add to the resulting mixture honey, and a spoon is taken in the morning and a spoon in the evening.

The mixture of obesity and sugar

Prepare this mixture as follows:

Ingredients : A tablespoon of obesity, a tablespoon of sugar.

Method of preparation and use : Mix the ingredients together well, and eat the mixture half an hour before the meal and on an empty stomach, and repeat it daily for a full month to get the best results.


Ingredients : 1-5 grams of dried licorice roots, water.

Method of preparation and use : Boil the roots of licorice with water, and then drink 3 times a day, and advised to consult the doctor for this recipe for precaution.

The root of the gentian

Ingredients : Ghantian herb roots, water

Method of preparation and use Rinse the gantian roots, wash well, cut into small pieces, then be boiled in water for 20 minutes. After it cools, one cup is consumed daily to reach the desired weight.

Dandelion root

Dandelion herb contains substances that increase appetite and body weight, as well as treatment of constipation, gallstones and indigestion. This recipe is prepared by boiling the herb with water and drinking with the addition of sweeteners such as honey or sugar.

Yeast and sugar mixture

This mixture is prepared as follows:

Ingredients : A tablespoon of instant yeast, warm water, sugar.

Method of preparation and use : Add warm water to the instant yeast, then add sugar and stir the mixture well, and leave for a while and then drink.

Yeast and milk mix

This mixture is prepared as follows:

Ingredients : A tablespoon of yeast, warm milk, sugar.

Method of preparation and use : Add warm milk to the yeast and stir the mixture well, then add sugar and drink, and advised to drink this mixture twice a day; the first after breakfast and the second is dinner.