Tips to use fenugreek to gain weight

Tips to use fenugreek to gain weight


The problem of thinness of the embarrassing problems, which cause embarrassment and psychological discomfort and lack of self-confidence for people who suffer from them strikingly, the body should be an average between obesity and thinness, that is, the body must be consistent, and also to increase weight and recipes to get rid of, Weight loss also has multiple recipes for increasing it in safe and natural ways without worrying about the side effects that can be exposed. The most important of these recipes are the ones that depend on the ring in its components. It has a high ability to get rid of the problem of thinness, Data and many important nutrients for health, such as phosphorus, vitamins and acids, all of these elements working to open the appetite, so the ring of the best natural materials that address the problem of thin.

Fats for fattening

The circuit has many benefits and has been used since ancient times to reduce the blood sugar of those suffering from diabetes, besides the other benefits it works to open the appetite, that is, it helps to gain weight, and because it is characterized by this characteristic that the breastfeeding woman resort to eat the ring to improve appetite and increase Milk production, and the circuit has the ability to treat many problems such as lowering blood cholesterol, unhealthy triglycerides, and many other benefits.

The ring can work on weight gain effectively, as it contains properties similar to estrogen “female hormone” so it does not work on the fattening of the body, but also breast enlargement, and can address the ring through several ways, including:

  • Use the seeds in the food or prepare the boiled circuit.
  • It can be taken in the form of pills or supplements that are sold in pharmacies.
  • Delicate ring can be used and made baked from them.

However, the most common way to use the circuit is by taking it as a hot beverage, preferably in the morning so that a cup is taken when waking up and cup the last afternoon, and during the intake of the ring, drink at least two liters of water at different intervals during the day, Will increase appetite and help improve digestion, and drinking sufficient amounts of water along with the intake of the ring will help the stomach to absorb nutrients and important compounds in it, and the circuit also to give the body calories necessary in a healthy manner.

How to use the ring for fattening

Here are the most important recipes that can be prepared using the ring to gain weight and get rid of thinness:

Recipe boiled circuit

In this recipe you need:

  • A cup of boiled water with the addition of three grams of ring seeds ground to it.
  • Leave the mixture until it cools and then add it and add the sugar as desired, or use natural honey instead of sugar.
  • Drink three cups a day of this drink until you pray for the desired result of your weight.

Recipe oil ring

The method of this recipe is as follows:

  • Mix half a cup of water with one and a half tablespoons of ring oil.
  • Eat this recipe daily in the morning and before bedtime.

Recipe of the ring with olive oil

In this recipe you need:

  • Mix equal amounts of olive oil and grated ring.
  • Eat this mixture four times a day, and you will notice that your weight starts to increase over a short period of time.

Recipe of the ring and castor oil

You can try this recipe as follows:

  • Mix equal amount of castor oil and ring oil.
  • Mix the place to be named, such as breasts or cheeks.

Tips when using the ring for fattening

  • Eat high-calorie foods, such as peanuts, potatoes, beans, and whole grains, along with the ring that contributes to energy storage in the body.
  • Avoid unhealthy foods that are harmful to the body, as well as foods that contain calories but are not as useful as fried foods and soft drinks.
  • Add the ring to different dishes such as salads or certain types of sweets.

Benefits of the general ring

The most important benefits of the ring:

  • Boosts stomach function and helps digest food properly and quickly.
  • Treats sore throat, also treats asthma and cough.
  • Helps cure erectile dysfunction.
  • It facilitates birth and reduces pain.
  • Relieve menstrual pain.
  • They treat colds and have a high ability to analyze the accumulated phlegm in the chest.
  • Contribute to the treatment of kidney disease.
  • Treat mouth ulcers.
  • It can be applied to skin with swelling, eczema or wounds, and it reduces muscle pain.
  • Contribute to the treatment of pain caused by gout.
  • Anemia is fought to strengthen it.