Do the gases cause back pain

Do the gases cause back pain


It is known that there are many gases present naturally in the digestive tract in the body, but the accumulation of large is one of the most common health problems and widespread among a large group of people of different age groups, which is scientifically called Flatulence, and affects the problem negatively People are relieved, and also prevented from doing their daily work efficiently, accompanied by many symptoms, and result from several factors and causes, we will review them in detail in this article.

Back pain due to gases

The accumulation of gases in the abdomen greatly affects the health of the body in general and the health of the back precisely, in some cases leads to many convulsions and aches and contractions, especially in the lower region of this region, and this problem also causes many other complications such as severe contractions Abdominal, irritable bowel syndrome, burping and bulge in abdominal size and others.

Causes of gas buildup

  • Gases directly produce a type of bacteria in food that is hard to digest, keeping it for a long time in the colon. Examples of this variety of food legumes and grains as well as foods rich in cellulose, which leads to the release of carbon dioxide and methane.
  • The rotting of proteins that are hard to digest leads to the production of hydrogen sulphide, which exacerbates the problem.
  • Poor daily habits such as chewing gum for long periods, which increases the accumulation of air in the abdomen.
  • Eat large amounts of soft drinks.
  • Smoking and shisha.
  • Eat sweets and various foods by sucking.
  • The presence of health problems in the mouth and teeth.
  • Breathing of the mouth, because of respiratory problem of the nose.
  • Acid reflux reaction.
  • Tension, anxiety and psychological stress, called the case of Aerofagia.
  • Lack of eating leads to stomach filling by air.
  • Fermentation of sugary and starchy substances.
  • Swelling resulting from eating some foods that cause this condition, such as milk, milk and others.
  • Lack of lactase secretion.

Treatment of gases

  • Eat enough water daily, at least two liters per adult.
  • Avoid soft drinks, foods that increase bloating.
  • Avoid emptying the stomach completely, and organizing daily meals.
  • Keep away from hard digestion foods.
  • Some may resort to medical treatments of antibiotics, if the problem is caused by infection in the digestive system.
  • Avoid chewing gum for long periods, and be careful to chew food well.