Oil of Saad

Oil of Saad

There are many natural oils that most women prefer to use, because they are easy to use, available, and inexpensive material, and these natural oils that have many benefits for hair and skin and treat some diseases oil Saad extracted from the plant Saad distinctive, and we will talk about in this article.

Oil of Saad

It contains 30 compounds, sugar glucose, starch, fructose, heart glucosides, alkaloids, and vitamin C, and should be kept in a cool, dark place.

It is found in the Levant, the Mediterranean basin, Morocco, India and others. It belongs to a type of Sadia plant. It contains 600 species, including roundwood, which affects agricultural crops, love of Aziz or delicious sweet, and the plant of Saad has several names, including Sa’adi, The goat, the ass, the asshole, and the prostitute.

Types of plant Saad

Types of plant Saad, which extract the oils Saad:

  • Saad al-Bunni: He lives in the Canary Islands, Sudan, Egypt and the Levant.
  • Al-Sa’ad al-Tawil: It abounds in Morocco, the Levant, Egypt, and Central Europe.
  • Saad Amred: There are in the Caucasus, Italy, Turkey, and Levant.
  • Al-Ruwaisi: It grows in the Levant, Sudan and Egypt.
  • Michele: It abounds in the Maghreb, the Caucasus, Egypt and the Levant.

Benefits of al-Saad oil

  • It treats heart diseases, nerves, gums, and urinary tract.
  • Treat wounds and sores.
  • He fights tiredness, exhaustion and insects.

Uses of Al-Saad oil

  • Painted to prevent bacteria.
  • It treats diseases of the digestive system such as diarrhea.
  • Resists fungi.
  • Moisturizes the skin and skin, and is used twice a week to maintain the balance of natural oils in the skin.
  • It treats the problems of different hairs such as hair roughness, wrinkling, and the vital appearance.
  • It has characteristics characteristic of diabetics.
  • Reduces hair growth and relieves it without affecting the hormone testosterone.
  • Cortisone works to grow and stimulate hair growth and help germinate.
  • There are studies that prove that the effect of al-Saad oil overcome the laser in the elimination of the problem of hair growth without any side effects; because it contains melanin, in addition to the cost of materially compared to laser.

How to use al – Saad oil

It is used to soften it, then apply it to the areas where the hair problem is to be removed and to reduce it, and circular movements are rubbed until the skin is absorbed and then left for a whole night after hair removal in one of the different ways; sweetness, wax and others. Pending a satisfactory result.

Making the oil of Saad

The oil is made by adding two tablespoons or three tablespoons of alfalfa powder to an appropriate amount of oil, preferably olive oil drained overnight and then immediately used.